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I just wanted to send you some pics of Rambo's
first hunting trip. He made his very first retrieve like
an old pro. And it was a wounded that was
swimming away from him and dove under and
Rambo dove right under after him and brought it
back. This dog has an amazing natural talent for
retrieving. Thank you so much for such a wonderful
Hi Stefanie,
We are having a ball with Tenny! Also, attached are some photos of our
sweet girl. She is just amazing and is the star of her puppy school class.
While all the other dogs are going crazy and running around, she is
moving from person to person and sitting. It's so cute. I'm still amazed at
how fast she picks up things so I think training will go really well. We are
having so much fun with her and I just want to thank you for raising such a
great mom and being so wonderful before she came home with us. I know
that you are a huge reason she is so good. It really is eye-opening to see all
these other puppies having issues and realize that we are so lucky to have
such a sweet and smart dog.
If you have a dog or puppy from Everso Labrador Retrievers and you
would like to share a photo or two and let us know how they are
doing email pictures and story to
Owned and Loved by Me! and we
will be more than happy to share them on our site.
(Please limit your pictures to two and send in .jpeg or .png format.
BISS Ch Big Sky Stone Cutter X
Int Ch Beau Mondes Cabela Girl,

Owned and Loved by:
Emily - Colorado
CH.Simerdowns Conrad X Barcars Julie Passion,CGC

Owned and Loved by:
Abe - Colorado
CH.Simerdowns Conrad X Barcars Julie

Owned and Loved by:
Kristen - Colorado
Multi BISS CH Blackwings Lafitte X
Int CH Beau Monde's Cabela Girl CGC

Owned and Loved by:
Judy - Colorado
He has been such a great dog. He is so smart and
unbelievably mellow for a lab!!  I grow more attached to him
with each passing day. When he was little, like in this photo,
and we would take my 2 boys for a walk in the stroller, Gus
would climb into the basket underneath the stroller when he
got tired! It was the cutest thing. My 2 boys have fun with
Gus and my youngest (3 yrs.) seems to have a particularly
close relationship with him. He loves his walks, going to the
mountains and playing with the neighborhood dogs. Up at
the cabin this Fall he finally took to swimming in the lake, and
now we can't keep him out!
Went to puppy class last night. Everyone loved
Plunkett. He did great with the other dogs. Mingled,
played, didn’t worry about being away from me. And
did his business outside. He walked well on the leash
and was sitting for me. Also the trainer used him to
demo a “touch the box” exercise. He touched it three
times in row! Pretty smart.
"Plunkett" CGC
CH Springcreek's Remington's Chunk X
Everso's Synchronize This

Owned and Loved by:
Jessica - Montana
Multi BISS CH Simerdown's Dr Pepper  X
 Int.Ch. Everso's Dilemma at Barcar, JH, CD, AWC,
Owned and Loved by:
Tommy - California
Am./Intl. Ch Beau Mondes Sweet & Lowdown JH  X Beau Monde Can't Simerdown

Owned and Loved by:
Gabriel and Vernon - Colorado
CH Springcreek's Remington's Chunk X Everso's Syncronize This

Owned and Loved by:
Joy - Colorado
Giver’s story begins with a wonderful chocolate Lab named “Chevy”.  Our
lives crossed when her first home did not work out.  For eleven years, she
was my best friend and an example of the success of a “second chance”
dog.  Soon after she died, the door bell rang and on the door step was a
kennel with an 8 week old chocolate lab with a note that read in part: “Hello,
my name is Giver …My great, great grandfather, Gunner, sent me to you to
“Give” you love and companionship….P.S. I love you already, Giver”. Gunner
was also Chevy’s father.  
Giver is now 7 months old and everyone who meets him is amazed at his calm
and friendly temperament. And I am amazed at how quickly he learns and
adjusts to being with animals, children, unfamiliar situations, etc. Of course,
he’s handsome; he came home with two ribbons from the Denver Dog Show
for 6-9 month puppy category. Giver is learning so much being on the path to
becoming a certified therapy dog while still being a typical fun loving, curious
Giver was a gift of extraordinary kindness and generosity and I cannot believe
my good fortune to have this wonderful dog in my life.  Anyhow, I want the
description of Giver to inform anyone browsing the website how wonderful a
lab Giver is because of your breeding and care.
Thank you, Stefanie, for bringing these incredible dogs into the world.
Ch. Simerdown's Conrad X Everso's Lemon Crush

Owned and Loved by:
Becky - Colorado
Hi Stefanie, Our little girl is really growing; I think I
mentioned my kids named her Maddi.  I have
attached a couple pictures of her, one alone and one
with her best buddy Shelby.  She is truly a love and
is my joy after losing my other Labrador, Chloe.
Plunkett passed his CGC test with flying colors!
The evaluator said:
..."he is the NICEST and most well balanced lab
we have had in our classes!"
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Plunkett is too cute to resist and is currently using him in their advertising! Check out their products and Plunkett at  
West Paw
Gunner's owner is so very proud (as am I) that we decided to post this here as well as our Everso Proud page
I imagine you remember Gunner, the one year old I got from
you in April of 2007.  He doing great and I'd like to post his
pictures and info about him.
We got our first Labrador in 1980 after considerable research
into the best dog for our family and 30 years later we find it is
still our choice.  We didn't get Gunner until he was almost one
as we wanted to adopt a Lab after our last Lab passed away.  
The human kids were older and gone from home and so the
pressure wasn't on to get a puppy.  Of all the Labs we have
had Gunner is most friendly and easy going everyone is his
friend or will soon be his friend he's very insistent.  I was
inspired to get Gunner certified as a therapy dog after reading
about other dogs on your web site.  As of October 2009,
Gunner is a Delta Therapy Dog.  His first "job' was to work with
second grade autistic kids.  He endeared himself to the whole
school and he can't wait until next school year to see who will
be his fan club.

Gunner has one brother,Parker who is 9.  Parker was just
diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer so playing and biking
with Gunner is out and Gunner's therapy dog instincts are
kicking in as he follows Parker around the house offering toys
and comfort.

Albuquerque, NM

CH. Simerdowns Conrad X Everso's Lemon Crush

Owned and Loved by
The Corders
As I've told you on numerous occasions, my Beau is probably the finest
animal that has ever owned me!  From the day he arrived, we shared a
companionship that was indescribable.  Somehow we were very attuned to
each other, almost able to read each other's thoughts.  He went with me
whenever and wherever.  Always rode in the back seat of the truck which
was his domain from the day I brought him home from the airport.  He
required very little training since he was so eager to please.
My tribute to Valentino's Beau Jangles (Beau):
His sudden passing in January, just one month short of his 8th birthday,
has devastated me as you well know.  BUT, with your help and kindness,
Zesty's pup will open a whole new world of companionship.  Thank you so
very much!
Larry Kiffner
Prudenville, Mich.
In loving memory of "Beau" AKA Valentino's Beau Jangles
2003 - 2011
This is our favorite picture of Java (right now)! He is a very smart,
sweet, sometimes silly and mischievous Lab! We want to thank you
so much for giving us
Emma's last puppy, he is our love!!! After we
lost our last Lab we weren't sure we could love another dog again,
but he stole our hearts immediately. We don't know what we would
do without him!! Keep up the good work, I can see why the AKC
named you a Breeder of Merit, Java is not only very handsome but
he has a great temperament, and is a loving family dog already at 5
months old!!

Take Care and Thanks Again!
Patti & Paul