"I marvel that such small ribs as these can cage such vast desire to please."  
Ogden Nash
Our puppies get their start from good genetics and we take it from there. All dogs, prior to being bred, are tested for the genetically inherited illnesses that are
known to the breed and no dogs falling below breed standards are entered into our breeding program. By starting with good parents it better assures health,
temperament and the beautiful structure we are striving for. Adults and puppies alike receive superior nutrition and care, proper exercise for both the body and
mind, and of course, love. All of our puppies receive the necessary medical care as well as the socialization from humans and other dogs that is so important to
healthy physical and emotional development. We pride ourselves on making certain that each puppy receives all of the love, care and attention they need to be
their very best. Our
Owned and Loved by Others and Everso Proud pages are a testimonial to the results of our belief that a puppy can not have too much of a
good thing during early development. We offer them loads of stimulation, interaction and exercise. They are raised in our home with our family and other dogs
and learn the joys of a well structured pack life from the beginning. We breed for family companions, show and hunting and will gladly assist you in selecting the
right puppy for you. All puppies come with a health guarantee, AKC registration certificate and contract.
Puppies At Everso Labradors
A note regarding registration types:
Our primary goal is to produce superior family companions first and foremost and to occasionally keep a prospect for our own breeding program. We invest a
tremendous amount in assuring that our dogs are of the utmost health and temperament prior to breeding and no dog falling below the high standards that we
have set for ourselves is ever bred. We spend the time and money necessary to have them evaluated by judges in the conformation ring to receive their breed
championships, testing through the OFFA, CERF and other organizations to determine the state of their health in regards to hips, elbows, PRA, heart and EIC.
As well we train and compete in hunting competitions to show that our dogs have the brains and natural ability still in place to preform the tasks they were
originally bred to do.
As such we do not offer our dogs or puppies for sale with full registration (breeding options) except in rare circumstances and only then with a strict contract
and co-ownership in place.
Everso Labs - AKC Breeder of Merit
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